Dear UCAN-Members,

we are excited and proud to celebrate a significant milestone in our community today. Not only has our exam network reached its 1,000,000th item, but we’ve also recorded an astounding 60,000 exams on our platform!

1,000,000 Items

Items are the building blocks of our assessments, and they play a critical role in the educational world. With one million items in the ItemManagementSystem, we have created an incredible treasure trove of questions and items that can be used by teachers and examiners worldwide.

The variety of items is impressive. We have materials for a wide range of subjects and courses, from electrical engineering in the trades to midwifery science to veterinary medicine. This allows institutions to create customized assessments that meet the individual needs of their students and candidates.

The 1,000,000 item was created at MHB Brandenburg on the topic of diffusion disorder!

60,000 exams

Retreats are an essential part of education, and we have now administered 60,000 of them in the last year. This is a big step towards objective assessment and quality assurance. The 60,000 exam took place as a tablet-based tEXAM exam in Geneva.

These milestones have a significant impact on the world of education:

  1. Objective assessment: the large number of exams enables objective assessment and helps to increase quality.
  2. Knowledge sharing: our growing community encourages knowledge sharing and collaboration between institutions.
  3. Continuous improvement: the availability of so many items allows examiners to continuously optimize their assessments.

Thanks to our community

This milestone is the result of the hard work, dedication and passion of our community. We would like to extend our sincere thanks to all members of the testing community who have helped make this success possible. We look forward to more exciting developments and innovations in the future and to shaping the audit culture together.

Thank you for your support and continued cooperation!