Photo: © ZWH

The new year began with a milestone for the Chamber of Skilled Crafts Ostwestfalen-Lippe zu Bielefeld and for ProNet Handwerk: On 9 and 10 January 2024, the first digital instructor aptitude test (AdA-Schein) took place using the UCAN software.

The first real examination with the new UCAN software went smoothly. After intensive training by the ZWH team, the examiners in Bielefeld were well prepared and ready to take on the challenge.

With 29 participants on Tuesday and 16 participants on Wednesday, the examination was conducted in four fields of activity. Each field of activity contained an extensive free-text task and 30 single-choice questions.

The dedicated team from ProNet Handwerk was on site to support examiners and candidates during the first round.

The aim of the ZWH and UCAN is to promote digitization in the examination system and to support every interested chamber of skilled crafts in establishing the new examination software. Bielefeld is setting a good example and is already working independently with the UCAN software. A significant step towards a digital future in the examination system!

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