Continuing education for authors of exam questions

December 2022 | Workshops


On December 08, 2022, a virtual training on “Writing good multiple-choice questions” took place with 35 participants and IMS authors from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Leipzig.

The two-hour examiner training was conducted by the lecturer Dr. med. Markus Krautter, MME. At the beginning, the questions “What is a good exam?” and “What is a good question?” were addressed in an overarching manner. Against the background of his many years of experience as a question reviewer at Springer Verlag with over 100 reviewed CME articles and 1000 reviewed examination questions, Dr. Krautter was able to give the participants many helpful tips on how to create good multiple-choice questions and which criteria should be met for a “good” examination and “good” question.

Due to the very positive feedback, a continuation and development of a training series is intended. In a different form, a further training course for examiners has already been carried out in the combination “Creation of good multiple-choice questions” and the main topic “Evaluation and interpretation of statistical parameters of an examination”. If you would also like to plan a further training for your IMS authors, please contact Kerstin Lubik.