Medtalk-Toolbox – Exchange of best practice examples on the subject of “Medical Conversation” and “Interprofessional Collaboration and Communication”

September 2019 | Publications

The quality of the doctor-patient relationship has a significant influence on the success of the treatment, the satisfaction and the health of the patients. However, not only a successful medical discussion, but also a good cooperation between different health professions is decisive for a sustainable patient care. An online platform – the Medtalk Toolbox – was developed to facilitate the integration of communicative and interprofessional competencies into medical curricula and examinations. Teaching and examination examples for medical conversation and interprofessional communication and cooperation, which have proven themselves in teaching and assessing at faculties and institutions, are collected, prepared according to a jointly agreed scheme (e.g. teaching and examination format, group size, expertise of teachers, etc.) and classified according to the learning objectives and competences defined in the “National Competence-Based Learning Objectives Catalogue in Medicine (NKLM)”. 

Mutschler A, Gornostayeva M, Deis N, Hinding B, Brass K, Jünger J. Medtalk-Toolbox – Austausch von Best Practice Beispielen zu den Themen der “Ärztlichen Gesprächsführung” und “Interprofessionellen Zusammenarbeit und Kommunikation”. GMA 2019 (Presentation)

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